Thursday, April 30, 2015

Crystal Tofu

Lots of people run from tofu and still others decline to eat it because of its rather bland taste. Having lived in Asia I like tofu, in its varied forms. One of my favourite ways to eat and prepare it though, is my take on Crystal Tofu. It makes a great side dish for a Japanese meal or just a fine use of tofu. It is packed with protein and is gluten free. Best of all is that it is something even the kids will enjoy. It's a great summertime side when served nice and chilled.

Dipping Sauce
2 Tbs soy sauce
2 Tbs sugar
2 Tbs sake
5 Tbs dashi broth

1 block firm tofu (10-12 oz)

4 green onions, chopped
2 Tbs fresh grated ginger
 1 sheet nori, cut into strips

Combine dipping sauce ingredients in a small pan and heat till sugar is dissolved then chill.
Drain tofu and cut into bite sized pieces. Place in serving dish.
Prepare toppings.
You may serve the tofu individually with small bowls of dipping sauce or pour the dipping sauce over the tofu and let it marinate for 20-30 minutes, then serve. Sprinkle toppings over tofu and serve.

Serves about 4 people.