Friday, July 21, 2006

While In Hatteras...

Visit: Risky Business Seafood in Avon, (they also have stores in Buxton and Hatteras). On one of our evening outings we decided to just buy some seafood and eat in at our rental house. We stopped in rather late at Risky Business and the guys were just great! Will Anderson and his buddy Tim set us up with a couple of pounds of shrimp and the last of their blue crabs. They seasoned and steamed everything for us, even going so far as to chill the shrimp before we left. We got everything for a great price and the taste was phenomenal! The guys went out of their way and delivered a good deal for us. We'll be going back to do business with them again! Customer service like this cannot be beat!

Avoid: Bubba's BBQ, Too in Avon (and, if everything holds true then avoid the other location in Frisco). While their advertising says they deliver the best BBQ on Hatteras I will say that there can be no truth in that. The Food Lion carries canned 'Que that has to be better. Bubba's, without a doubt has the worlds WORST Barbecue. Ever! I had heard people say that Bubba's was bad but those folks were dead wrong. This stuff is VILE, NASTY, DISGUSTING and should never be fed to people. I am certain that feeding it to people in prison would be a violation of a number of human rights laws. The fact that they sell their "sauce" in plastic quart oil containers should have been a hint. Mobile One would taste better than the slop that came out of that bottle. Yuck! Avoid this place like the plague!

During my trip to the OBX I found nowhere that served "good" or even passable 'Que. It may well be possible that there is no good BBQ in North Carolina. I will continue to look for some, tho!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Dolphin Den

One of the better restaurants in Avon, NC is The Dolphin Den at mile post 55. While a good amount of their fare is standard food service delivery food there are some really nice items on the menu that deserve attention.

The evening we went to the Dolphin Den I had the Stuffed Broiled Shrimp. These crab stuffed wonders were a bit expensive, but definitely worth the price in terms of taste and satisfaction. Swimming in just the right amount of butter these Shrimp were delightful and worth having again. The fries were you standard affair, frozen and bagged food service fries.

The Spinach, Artichoke and Crab dip...well, it is mediocre at best. Another food service import and not a made on premises appetizer.

My wife thoroughly enjoyed her Fried Seafood Platter tho, and I sampled most of the items on her plate and can attest to the fact that it was good, if small for the price. The quality of the cookery made up for the volume. Where the Den shows through is in the deserts, which they say they make on premises and I am inclined to believe it. The Key Lime Pie was great and had a thick, homemade graham and butter crust with a frozen ball of whipped cream on top. Nice! The Chocolate Surprise was gooey and chocolatey and everything you'd think it was by the name.

The Dolphin Den can be a bit pricey in some areas but makes up for that in others. Go for dessert and you won't be disappointed. Be warned that many items are just food service items and not made from scratch, according to the server whom I talked with but this does not apply to the desserts!

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