Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Taste of Ireland

Fishers, Indiana has many places to eat and one of them stands out from the crowd. Fionn MacCool's Irish Pub is an outstanding dining destination and has rapidly become a favourite with my family. MacCool's is much more than a neighbourhood pub offering Irish music and a themed atmosphere, it is a fine dining establishment with a talented kitchen crew.

The first time we dropped in we had some of the standard fare you'd expect in an Irish restaurant. Fish and Chips, Shepherds Pie and kid plates of the same. The Shepherds Pie was served in a ceramic serving dish and sported a decent sized scoop of Champs (Irish style mashed potatoes). It's a nice meaty dish with a well seasoned sauce. The Fish and Chips come in 2 sizes (1/2 pound and full pound) and both are sure to please. The batter crisps up perfectly and the Cod is done to perfection. MacCool's serves their own signature thick cut pub chips with this and they are good! I was impressed by our first foray there and looking forward to our next visit.

We've been back a few times since that first outing, (I even scheduled a dinner meeting there last month) and the food has been a consistent winner each and every time. During the summer months Fionn's added a special summer menu that sported a few new items. Our favourite item off this seasonal menu has been the Irish Quesadilla. Fionn's Irish take on this favourite is "Rashers with melted bleu cheese, sauteed mushrooms, cheddar cheese, green onions and baby spinach in a large tortilla with sour cream, house made salsa and guacamole". This single item makes any trip to Fionn's worthwhile. The unique blend of tastes, especially the bleu cheese and rashers make this a wonderful starter. It runs $9.50 and while it is on the upper end of the scale for an appetiser like this it's worth the price.

Another of their Traditional Irish Fare dishes is the Big Irish Breakfast. It's just what it says it is; a typical Irish breakfast on a reasonably sized plate. It consists of "Galtee Bangers and Rashers, Galtee Black and White Puddings, Two Eggs (any style), grilled tomato, Heinz Baked Beans w/ Irish Soda Bread". If you've never experienced a typical Irish breakfast like this then take the time and treat yourself to a truly yummy experience.

The Puddings are just melt in your mouth good and too darned small by my standards. They were cooked just right and have a nice fennel and spice taste that complements everything on the plate, I only wish there had been twice as many pieces of it. Fionn's breakfast bangers were spot on! Crisp on the outside with an almost creamy textured meat on the inside that was lightly spiced. The rashers (bacon) were meaty and just plain great. Not overcooked in the least and with little fat compared to American bacon. I hadn't realised how much I missed having rashers until I had them with this wonderful "breakfast". The soda bread was nice and dense and was a good addition to the meal. While I'm not a great fan of pork and beans these cold little morsels went right along with the meal. The tomato was grilled just right and added a nice touch, along with my over medium eggs. This is a meal I will definitely have again.

If you're planning a night out in Fishers, or just passing through and want some excellent dining then drop into Fionn MacCool's. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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